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Free Guitar Pro Viewer Online

Free Guitar Pro Viewer Online

Upload any Guitar Pro file, and you’ll be able to view and listen to it here.

Terms of Service: This free service is provided as-is. You grant us the right to use your uploaded file(s) to improve our service. We won’t share your uploads with anybody.

What does this service do?

You’ll see a web page displaying the tab and notation from your Guitar Pro file. You’ll be able to listen to it, hide instruments, slow down, view an animated fretboard and more. It’s only visible to your computer, and only for 10 minutes.

Is this Owner of Guitar Pro?

No — this is an unofficial third-party website. We are not Owner of with Arobas Music, the makers of the excellent Guitar Pro software.

Why is this free?

We're hoping you'll love us enough to visit our site frequently. That lets you share your tabs (“slices”) with community.

Can I see an example?

Sure, you’ll find a ton of guitar pro  being posted every day on our libbrary.

Which Guitar Pro versions does this support?

This supports any file from Guitar Pro version 3 until 8 (the current version). Relevant file extensions are: .gp3.gp4.gp5.gpx and .gp.

Can I use this to edit files?

Not with this file viewer, because it’s read-only. If you want to edit gp files, please use Guitar Pro Software.

What if I find bugs or have a question?

Please contact us — we’d love to hear from you!

Does TopGuitarTabs.com save and use my guitar tabs?

No, we dont save your guitar tabs to our  database or our servers. All files which you uploaded will be deleted in next 24 hours.